Famous Belgian jewelry designer

Veerle Van Wilder, the former chief designer of the Cartire Swiss Design Center, and a professor of the Royal Institute of jewelry in Antwerp, Belgium, has 35 years of experience in the design and teaching of independent jewelry.

The reporter saw in the class that the students drew a series of jewelry patterns on the paper, and after Veerle Van Wilder, they used copper wire and wax instead of precious metals and jewels to make a jewelry model.

HRD Antwerp, the head of the Great China District of the Belgium diamond high level parliament, Wang Yichun, introduced the rapid growth of diamond consumption in China in recent years. China has been a market that any diamond enterprise in the world can’t ignore. In addition, the consumption of precious stones has also emerged in China. He believes that China’s jewelry industry needs more complementary talents to identify and design talents that are in line with international standards.

Jewels can make women more beautiful than they imagined

For his own business and the attractive products of the jewelry industry and the temptation of the market, the little brother is strict with himself. The custom jewels must be made of genuine gold and real bricks, with a sharp commercial sense of smell and only the best quality jewels. At the same time, many loyal customers and fans are attracted.

Life is more and more attention to quality, taste today. Everyone’s requirements for their dress are getting higher and higher. All kinds of brand fashions, full wardrobe and brand cosmetics are full of dresser. Of course, at least you don’t get jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. It’s more tempting for women.

The premium premium of international jewelry brand is high, in reality, according to material, processing fee calculation, a conventional 57 gram 18K gold first Cartire brick free bracelet is not very high artificial cost, processing wastage is also only the counter on the cabinet, in the cabinet, more than 10 tens of thousands.

The competition status of jewellery Enterprises

According to Yang Sisan, vice president of the China Jewelry Industry Association, the overall demand for jewellery in China will remain in 15%~30% in the next ten years and will reach a market share of 600 billion in 2019, whether it feels that the cake is getting bigger and bigger.

But the reality is that, first, 15 years and 16 years of industrial profits, listed companies will not escape bad luck, two is that the jewelry industry has so far not more than 7% of the enterprise market share, and the reason is that the industry is still in a big shuffle stage, the result of the shuffle is that the top ten of the industry will occupy more than 80% of the market share, a large number of Small businesses will disappear in the competition!

Therefore, the competition you see at this stage is just the beginning, and the market will start to concentrate on the brand, and the big enterprises will begin to merge, buy or unite, or even cross the border.

You can see through the material of our jewelry

China is the world’s largest platinum consumer country, jade and jade market, and the second largest gold market in the world. It is also the largest diamond market in Asia, as well as a real pearl power. In recent years, the total sales volume of China’s jewelry industry has been growing at an annual rate of over 15%, with an annual export growth exceeding 20%. As a popular international jewelry exhibition in China in spring, the 2018 China International Jewellery Exhibition, sponsored by the Asian economic and Trade Development Center, the Shandong jewellery and jade jewelry industry association, the Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Group and the China International Exhibition Center Exhibition Group, was held in Beijing China International in from April 13th to 16th. The exhibition center is held.

According to the person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the jewelry exhibition, the exhibition area of the jewelry exhibition is more than 50 thousand square meters, attracting more than 2000 exhibitors from more than 30 countries around the world, in the original brand exhibition area, international color treasure exhibition area, independent designer exhibition area, Hongkong / Taiwan exhibition area of China, fine jade exhibition area and international mineral treasure. Based on the characteristic exhibition area of the stone exhibition area, more special exhibition areas are added to bring new jewellery enjoyment to visitors inside and outside the jewelry industry.

Poland is one of the countries with the largest reserves of amber, and its processing level is also recognized as the highest. The Poland Pavilion brings a large number of exquisite amber. According to the exhibitors, Poland amber is very light and warm, like jade. It can float in the salt water of 1:4 ratio. The reporter noted that the Poland amber site price is affordable, there are many spectators to buy, the buyer said, now the domestic amber market is a lot of fake situation, in the exhibition, the quality of the purchase is guaranteed, the two is that Poland amber is indeed better than other amber quality.

The jewelry industry is full of opportunities

Before 2013, China’s gold and jewelry industry was in a continuous high growth stage, and in the subsequent 2014 to 2017, the overall growth rate returned to a relatively low level.

Although the overall growth rate of gold and jewelry industry was only 4.4% in 2017, Gao Kai Yang emphasized that 7 of the listed companies’ revenue growth reached 14% to 15%. “This shows that the performance of large enterprises is much better than that of small businesses. I think 2018 will continue to grow.” He said.

From the view of industry structure, Gao Kai Yang points out that if the whole industry is divided according to the category, gold accounts for more than half of the share, and the mosaic jewels in broad sense account for about 20%. 80% of the gold jewelry is traditional gold jewelry, K gold, hard gold, cultural gold and other products, accounting for only 20% of the share of gold jewelry.

These jewelry are nice, intelligent and practical

In such a big environment, the status of big cards is at stake. It is imminent to protect intellectual property rights. To solve the fate of being Shanzhai, we must rely on advanced technology.

The Internet has penetrated into all walks of life, and gold and jewellery is currently the least penetrated industry. It is also an industry with unlimited potential for development in the future.

What will the jewellery develop in the future under the trend of the times?

2017 Mr. Buffett, who never invested in the technology industry, invested in an intelligent jewellery company. Mr. Buffett’s reason for investment is:

Gold jewelry is a long history of industry, with a very strong sustainable management ability, is a very safe investment, gold jewellery in the future can bear more intelligent terminal carrier function, has a long potential for development.

Qingdao International Jewellery Exhibition

As an important economic province of China, Shandong has a well developed jewelry industry. There are many famous domestic and foreign production bases in the province, such as Shandong Zhaoyuan, “China Gold Capital”, “the hometown of sapphire of China”, Changle, China Gem City and so on. With the advantages of many natural resources and geographical advantages, the jewelry industry has a broader prospect. 2018 the seventeenth Qingdao international jewellery exhibition will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center on 27-30 July. There will be nearly 500 exhibitions and a thousand kinds of jewellery collectively made up for the exchanges, cooperation, trade and procurement between the jewellery, jewelry industry and the upstream and downstream industries of Qingdao and Shandong. And other activities will play an important role in promoting.

On the whole, Qingdao’s economy has been moving steadily, the fundamentals of economic development have been improving for a long time, and the foundation and supporting conditions are stable. Preliminary accounting, in 2017, the total economic total of the city exceeded trillion, to achieve 11000 billion yuan (GDP). According to the comparable price, the increase was 7.5%, and the per capita disposable income of the whole population increased by about 8%. Qingdao’s economy keeps growing at a high speed, and the diversified industrial structure has become the focus of growth. The increase in the proportion of the luxury goods and consumer goods industry has greatly promoted the growth of the GDP.

Qingdao is one of the three largest production bases of jewelry in China. Jewelry clusters in Qingdao continue to emerge, and the coverage area has increased year by year, which has successfully cultivated the habit of consumer jewelry consumption. A stable consumer group has become a major factor in the development of Qingdao’s jewelry industry.

Can jewelry be worn 24 hours a day?

The silence of the jewels, but the hearts of countless people, many people like to wear twenty-four hours a day, then jewelry, in the end should not be 24 hours to wear? Shenzhen gold gold experts give the answer, in fact, there is no clear answer to this question because there are too many kinds of jewels. It needs specific analysis. Some jewels can be worn, and some are not.

Different materials of jewelry, some are afraid of water, so bathing can not be worn; some are afraid of oil, so the kitchen can not enter. So, for the sake of the life of the jewellery, do not wear it for 24 hours.

Pearls are produced from water, but they are quite afraid of water. This is because moisture permeated from the pits (especially pearl necklaces and chain holes) into pearls. Because the water swelling of the pearl surface and the Pearl core is different, it is easy to cause peeling off when the water enters. And the residual moisture is also easily fermented in the pits, which further damages the Pearl.

The world’s first jewellery block chain

There are serious information asymmetry between jewelry industry and social consumption, imperfect evaluation mechanism of jewellery industry and incomplete chain of service industry in jewellery industry. It affects the reliability of fair pricing of jewelry products, hinders the accuracy of multiple circulation valuations of products, and then affects the matching of demand and supply of multiple transactions. Efficiency. “Bao Yi Zhao Yuan”, as the world’s first application area chain technology to solve the pain point of the jewelry industry, is committed to creating the floor application scene of the block chain technology in the jewelry industry. Bao Yi Zhao Yuan will apply the block chain technology, promote the pricing of the classification standards, then realize the value system of jewellery, create a global jewel. Enthusiasts community, the use of intelligent contracts to create low-cost, efficient jewelry two and multiple trading markets, the use of public accounts to record the path and price of jewelry circulation, sum up the pricing of each category of jewelry category, and ultimately realize the finance of jewelry.

In addition, Bao Yi Zhao Yuan will also set up a team of jewellery experts around the world to develop classification standards that can be applied to various categories of jewelry, promote and guide the market to form a pricing system for all kinds of jewelry products, and eventually make the treasure Yi Zhaoyuan jewellery chain the trade, exchange and study of jewellery lovers around the world. The service platform has become a data partner for various financial institutions.

At the meeting, the Shanghai Kei Kun Mdt InfoTech Ltd, CTO Chen Gu, explained how Kun Kun technology helped Bao Yi Zhao Yuan to use the block chain technology to support and service the ownership registration and circulation in the jewel jade industry, and carried out the asset evaluation and identification through the data specifications and standards approved by the national jewelry and jade jewelry center. . He said, in cooperation with Bao Yi Zhao Yuan, on the basis of promoting industrial integration, not only can the brand service be more stable, but also rely on its traceability of data validity and authenticity, which greatly improves the brand’s trust and identity.