The world’s first jewellery block chain

There are serious information asymmetry between jewelry industry and social consumption, imperfect evaluation mechanism of jewellery industry and incomplete chain of service industry in jewellery industry. It affects the reliability of fair pricing of jewelry products, hinders the accuracy of multiple circulation valuations of products, and then affects the matching of demand and supply of multiple transactions. Efficiency. “Bao Yi Zhao Yuan”, as the world’s first application area chain technology to solve the pain point of the jewelry industry, is committed to creating the floor application scene of the block chain technology in the jewelry industry. Bao Yi Zhao Yuan will apply the block chain technology, promote the pricing of the classification standards, then realize the value system of jewellery, create a global jewel. Enthusiasts community, the use of intelligent contracts to create low-cost, efficient jewelry two and multiple trading markets, the use of public accounts to record the path and price of jewelry circulation, sum up the pricing of each category of jewelry category, and ultimately realize the finance of jewelry.

In addition, Bao Yi Zhao Yuan will also set up a team of jewellery experts around the world to develop classification standards that can be applied to various categories of jewelry, promote and guide the market to form a pricing system for all kinds of jewelry products, and eventually make the treasure Yi Zhaoyuan jewellery chain the trade, exchange and study of jewellery lovers around the world. The service platform has become a data partner for various financial institutions.

At the meeting, the Shanghai Kei Kun Mdt InfoTech Ltd, CTO Chen Gu, explained how Kun Kun technology helped Bao Yi Zhao Yuan to use the block chain technology to support and service the ownership registration and circulation in the jewel jade industry, and carried out the asset evaluation and identification through the data specifications and standards approved by the national jewelry and jade jewelry center. . He said, in cooperation with Bao Yi Zhao Yuan, on the basis of promoting industrial integration, not only can the brand service be more stable, but also rely on its traceability of data validity and authenticity, which greatly improves the brand’s trust and identity.