Can jewelry be worn 24 hours a day?

The silence of the jewels, but the hearts of countless people, many people like to wear twenty-four hours a day, then jewelry, in the end should not be 24 hours to wear? Shenzhen gold gold experts give the answer, in fact, there is no clear answer to this question because there are too many kinds of jewels. It needs specific analysis. Some jewels can be worn, and some are not.

Different materials of jewelry, some are afraid of water, so bathing can not be worn; some are afraid of oil, so the kitchen can not enter. So, for the sake of the life of the jewellery, do not wear it for 24 hours.

Pearls are produced from water, but they are quite afraid of water. This is because moisture permeated from the pits (especially pearl necklaces and chain holes) into pearls. Because the water swelling of the pearl surface and the Pearl core is different, it is easy to cause peeling off when the water enters. And the residual moisture is also easily fermented in the pits, which further damages the Pearl.