The jewelry industry is full of opportunities

Before 2013, China’s gold and jewelry industry was in a continuous high growth stage, and in the subsequent 2014 to 2017, the overall growth rate returned to a relatively low level.

Although the overall growth rate of gold and jewelry industry was only 4.4% in 2017, Gao Kai Yang emphasized that 7 of the listed companies’ revenue growth reached 14% to 15%. “This shows that the performance of large enterprises is much better than that of small businesses. I think 2018 will continue to grow.” He said.

From the view of industry structure, Gao Kai Yang points out that if the whole industry is divided according to the category, gold accounts for more than half of the share, and the mosaic jewels in broad sense account for about 20%. 80% of the gold jewelry is traditional gold jewelry, K gold, hard gold, cultural gold and other products, accounting for only 20% of the share of gold jewelry.