The competition status of jewellery Enterprises

According to Yang Sisan, vice president of the China Jewelry Industry Association, the overall demand for jewellery in China will remain in 15%~30% in the next ten years and will reach a market share of 600 billion in 2019, whether it feels that the cake is getting bigger and bigger.

But the reality is that, first, 15 years and 16 years of industrial profits, listed companies will not escape bad luck, two is that the jewelry industry has so far not more than 7% of the enterprise market share, and the reason is that the industry is still in a big shuffle stage, the result of the shuffle is that the top ten of the industry will occupy more than 80% of the market share, a large number of Small businesses will disappear in the competition!

Therefore, the competition you see at this stage is just the beginning, and the market will start to concentrate on the brand, and the big enterprises will begin to merge, buy or unite, or even cross the border.